Make Your Mark

Become an Advocate

Becoming an Advocate is so easy, yet impacts the campaign in tremendous ways! Make Your Mark Advocates help create excitement and momentum before and during the campaign.

How to Become an Advocate for MICA during Make Your Mark!
Click here for a short tutorial video.

✔️  Create a GiveCampus Account (or if you already have one, log in)

  • We can only celebrate your hard work if we're able to tell it's you! And we do that by tracking outreach done when you're logged in to GiveCampus.
  • Head to Make Your Mark 2023 and click “SIGN UP”” or “LOGIN” at the top of the page.
  • Create an account or login from there!

⭐️  Consider Your Own Gift and Offer a Match or Challenge

  • Lead by example and make your own gift early. It's much easier to ask your friends and family to join you in making a gift when you’ve already done it yourself!
  • Leverage your gift and encourage others to give by offering a match or challenge
  • Consider restricting your match or challenge by your designation you care about,  class year, affiliation, or to a list of your friends (by email address) to raise the stakes 

💌  Share, Share, Share

  • The built-in sharing buttons on the campaign page generate a link that is unique to you. If you share while you're logged in, we can track it and celebrate your impact!
  • Share via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Text Message, Email, Phone Call, Carrier Pigeon… The sky’s the limit!

🎥  Tell Your Story

  • Create a Personal Plea and post it to the campaign page!
  • Film a quick video in which you tell your community why you’re excited about the campaign, and why others should get involved. Keep it quick, casual, and fun!

With so many loyal and caring alumni, parents, students, staff, faculty, and friends, we can make a difference for current and future MICA students. Your involvement as a giving week  Advocate will help us reach our fundraising goal by engaging the community. It's easy, fun, and rewarding! Every post and email you share leading up to and on MICA’s giving week will contribute to our success. Thank you for your support!

Why GiveCampus?

GiveCampus has facilitated over $1 billion in charitable giving to schools by creating a simple and user friendly platform. MICA is excited to partner with them year after year for our annual giving day, Make Your Mark. GiveCampus provides donors with an interactive experience allowing videos, pictures, plea videos, links, live updates, and campaign goals. Donors are also able to learn more about the projects and programs that they want to support, and even make a challenge or match gift! Last but not least, GiveCampus allows you to share fundraising initiatives straight to your networks and social media pages which generates increased participation and engagement with your friends and family and other MICA supporters :)

Interested in becoming an advocate and learning more?

Rita Meissner


1300 W Mount Royal Ave Baltimore 21217