Make Your Mark

Senior Class Gift

A student-funded and student-directed fundraising initiative!

The Senior Class Gift gives graduating seniors the opportunity to express their appreciation for MICA and to support the creative community that enabled their academic success. Each year, the senior class votes to determine the best way to allocate the funds that are raised. 

There’s no greater—or easier—way to honor your friends, memories, and achievements at MICA.

Join your classmates and make your mark on MICA with a gift of 20.24!

There are a few ways in which you can make your Senior Class Gift:
—  You can request that $20.24 is taken from your deposit that you have already paid, via the Graduating Student Survey
—  Click here to make your Senior Class Gift online
— Ask your parents to make your gift on your behalf!

If you prefer to make your gift in person, please contact Rita Meissner at or 410.225.2335

We look forward to seeing you graduate and welcoming you to the MICA Alumni Community!

Each year the senior class votes as a collective on the fund they wish to support with their gift. Here is a look at the past Senior Class Gift elections.

  • The class of 2023 raised $2,800 to support MICA's Angel Fund
  • The class of 2022 raised $2,010 to support MICA's Angel Fund
  • The class of 2021 raised $1,758 to support need-based MICA scholarships
  • The class of 2020 raised $1,841 to the Angel Fund and need-based Scholarship for students from Baltimore City