Curatorial Practice (MFA)

Real World Classroom

Designed to forge connections among artists, institutions, and communities, the program fosters contemporary art and culture in collaboration with diverse audiences, and links local issues to international discourse. Through the Practicum and Seminar courses students gain real-world experience curating independent and groups projects with local institutions.



CPMFA Practicum is a two-part studio course for first-year CPMFA students who collectively research, propose, plan, and execute a solo or thematic exhibition (or a suite of curatorial projects) featuring local, national, and/or international artists and/or cultural producers. The exhibition’s concept and format is driven by a cooperative, flexible system of decision-making.

Land/Trust - CPMFA 2019 + Enlarge
Everyday, Everyday, Everyday, Everyday Freedoms - CPMFA 2020 + Enlarge
Everything Must Go - CPMFA 2019 + Enlarge
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Project Space


In AY19, CPMFA launched an off-campus project space at Fox Studios where students were able to test out curatorial ideas and experiment with space, form, and a broad range of media through short-run collaborative projects.

Xerox Party + Enlarge
Bodily Constructs + Enlarge
Memorial + Enlarge
Spiral Bound Book Fair + Enlarge
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Students in MICA’s MFA in Curatorial Practice program complete projects and collaborate with artists, communities, organizations, and venues. Each student works in a variety of contexts and formats in order to bridge contemporary art, culture, and diverse audiences.

Meet the next generation of creative thinkers.

Transceiver - Curated by Josh Gamma; CP 2020 + Enlarge
What Did I Do? It's For Your Own Good - Curated by Jingyao (Joan) Cen; CP 2020 + Enlarge
Common Senses - Curated by Dasol Kim; CP 2017 + Enlarge
Everyday Utopias - ​​​​​​Curated by Sheena M. Morrison ; CP 2017 + Enlarge
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