Take a look at titles and descriptions for the Illustration department's courses offered.

IL 5000, MA Studio I, 6.0

This course introduces students to a number of contemporary markets and concepts in Illustration including, but not limited to: editorial work, children’s books, sequential work and surface design. Each subject is approached through a combination of lectures, assignments, independent projects and related workshops, supported by and paralleled to the M.A. Illustration Lecture and Workshop Series Class. M.A. Illustration Students only.

IL 5020, MA Lecture & Workshop Series, 3.00

Students will be exposed to various practitioners in the field of Illustration who will provide workshops, critiques and/or lectures, on such subjects as sequential work, children’s books and artists’ products. The guests and faculty will provide stimulus for further work and projects within the topics covered. Some lectures will be open to the public. The content will directly connect with MA Studio I. Enrollment priority for MA Illustration Students.

IL 5040, MA Studio Practices, 3.00

This professional development course addresses the general and specific grounding from the business side of illustration. Topics covered include copyright and intellectual property issues, taxes, and self-promotion. Students are guided and required to use social media, to create a portfolio, and web presence. They articulate their working practices in writing and verbally as part of their public presentation.

IL 5050, MA Studio II, 6.00

The focus of student work for this course is a self-initiated semester-long portfolio project guided and supported by faculty. Students work independently, meeting faculty regularly and participating in group and individual critiques. The body of work completed constitutes a large portion of their final portfolio and exhibit content and presentation for review by outside guest critics. Students can, if applicable, include personal writing as part of their final portfolio project. Prerequisite is M.A. Studio I. M.A. Illustration Students only.