Environmental Health & Safety

EHS Frequently Asked Questions


QWhat should I do when I hear an alarm?

A.  Evacuate to the designated Safe Meeting Location of that building.

Q. Where can I find the Safe Meeting Location of my building?

A. You can find out Safe Meeting Locations on the Emergency Action Plans page or on the links below.

Safe Meeting Locations 1

Safe Meeting Locations 2

Q. Who determines to evacuate your location and is the decision maker during an emergency?

A. Incident Commander (e.g., highest ranking personnel on the scene with emergency response educated, such as: Trained Employee, Campus Safety, Fire Dept., Police Dept.)

Q. What number do I dial to report a fire, medical emergency, or a bomb threat?

A. Dial 911 first AND then 24-hour Campus Safety Dispatch 443-423-3333

Q. How do I know if there is a weather emergency and if I should go to the safe areas?

A. If there is a weather emergency reported near the college, the Emergency Notification System would be utilized using the following methods ENS text, Email, Social Media, and the MICA website.

Q. What should I do if I don't know an alternate exit?

A.  Go to the nearest stairwell or Health and Safety Board where Evacuation maps are posted. You can also find it on the EHS website here.

Pet Policy

Q. How can I register my pet?

A.  To register your pet, please fill out Pet Forms at the bottom of our pet policy page. For information on Emotional Support Animals, please contact the Learning Resource Center at LRC@mica.edu or call 410-225-2416


Q. What should I do if I see a pest?

A. Contact Facilities Management or request a work order.

Q. How do I know which bin to throw my trash in?

A. Most trash bins at MICA will list off which items can be thrown in each bin, but for more information, please check out our waste streams page.

Q.  Can I store items/work in the fire stairwells?

A.  Items may not be stored in the fire stairwells at any time. Working in the stairwells are also not permitted. The Office of Residence Life & Off-Campus Housing will supply contact information for each residence hall concerning the Studio Managers’ office hours and how to acquire studio spaces at the beginning of both the Fall and Spring semesters.

Q.  What should I do when there is an injury while on campus?

A. If there is an injury or emergency on campus, first call 911. Afterwards, notify MICA Campus Safety by going to a staffed lobby Security Desk or call 24 hour Emergency Dispatch by dialing 443-423-3333 or dialing 3333 from a campus phone. 

Hazardous Materials

Q. Where can I find a sharps container to dispose sharps?

A. Sharp containers can be found on Health and Safety boards located in classrooms. 

Q. Where am I allowed to use spray paint?

A. Students can use spray paint in studios located within residence halls. Do not use spray paint or other flammable aerosols indoors. To access studios please contact Residence Life at residencelife@mica.edu