Fire drills are conducted to ensure members of the MICA community are knowledgeable of emergency evacuation procedures and egress routes in their living and education spaces.

Housing Spaces

Fire drills are conducted at least semi-annually in all housing buildings. Students must evacuate the building when the drill begins and proceed to the safe meeting location. 

Academic Spaces

Fire drills for all academic spaces will be conducted at least annually.

Fire Alarm Procedures

-  When the fire alarm sounds, you must evacuate the building immediately

- Do not assume the alarm is a drill or a false alarm

- Do not use elevators

- Close all doors to control/prevent the spread of fire/smoke

- Help others that require assistance evacuating the building if it can be done so safely

- Meet at the designated assembly areas to ensure occupants have evacuated the building,     notify others if anyone needing assistance is still inside the building