Tuition Exchange

Typical Path to TE Scholarship

An example of the steps one might take to attain a Tuition Exchange scholarship.

"Susan" is a 17-year-old high school junior who is beginning to look seriously at colleges and universities she might want to attend. Her mother, a controller at Omega University, received an e-mail reminding her that Omega is a member of Tuition Exchange. Seeing that she meets the criteria to be an eligible employee for the program, and that children of eligible employees can participate in it, she looks at Tuition Exchange's website and gives Susan the list of member schools to investigate.

In the meantime, Susan's mother contacts Omega's TE Liaison Officer, who is located in their Human Resources Department, regarding Omega's deadlines and procedures for the program. The liaison officers determine that family members of Susan's mother are eligible for a four-year (eight semesters) TE scholarship. There are several employees at Omega who are eligible for TE scholarships. Based on its historic record, Omega will only make new commitments to two students this year. Based on her seniority, Susan's mother is second on the priority list. The liaison officer informs her that Susan will be sponsored for a TE scholarship, that Omega is her sending institution, and that Susan is considered an export of Omega.

After investigating the member institution to narrow her search, Susan applies to four schools, including one "safety" school. The Liaison Officer fills out the online TE certification and application form to the schools to which she has applied. These institutions contact Susan directly about further application procedures and the TE award process at their school.

Susan is offered a TE scholarship at three schools. She decides to enroll at MICA and accepts their offer. As a courtesy, she notifies the other schools about her decision. She is an import to MICA.

Susan attends MICA for four years. Each year Omega honors its commitment to her and re-certifies her as a continuing TE scholar. Her mother is thrilled that Susan has received an exemplary education at an excellent institution, at a markedly reduced rate.