Anthropo—Scenes: Installation 2020
person taking a picture of sheet of paper hanging from ceiling
Anthropo—Scenes: Installation 2020
people looking at wall hangings
Anthropo—Scenes: Installation 2020
Anthropo—Scenes: Installation 2020
words crunched together on banner
Anthropo—Scenes: Installation Detail 2020
person looking at sheet of paper hanging from ceiling
Anthropo—Scenes: Installation 2020
Lasting global changes—ice ages and major extinction events, for example—alter the Earth as we know it. Sometimes these changes are vast enough to reveal themselves in the layers of rock beneath our feet. These major shifts are marked by geologists with a
Golden Spike 2020
Golden Spike 2 2020
Part scrapbook, part writing, and part key to read into the visualizations shown in the three Memento Vitae jewelry pieces.
Memento Vitae - Book 2019
medium: 3D-printed Nickel-plated Steel description: Ring that carries the physical and emotional weight of melting glaciers. Specifically, this ring visualizes the melting pattern of the Skaftafellsjökull glacier in Iceland, since 1890. Photo by Dan Meyer
Memento Vitae - Ring 2019
Memento Vitae - Necklace 2019 3D-printed sandstone
Memento Vitae - Brooch 2019 Laser-cut Wood
Photographs and artifacts of my family's relationship with cars and planes, plus an interview with my grandmother.
Seventh Generation: An Investigation into My Family's Anthropogenic Impact 2019
Full Steam Ahead 2019

Cora McKenzie is a graphic designer, researcher, and educator working at the intersection of visual communication and science. Her thesis, Anthropo—Scenes, is a body of work surrounding the Anthropocene, which is the current proposed geological age brought on by human impact to Earth’s systems. Cora's projects incorporate personal narratives in order to both ground our species’ large-scale force and translate it into relevant, impactful experiences.