all the banners together with a red light on it.
Cis-sy 04
banners with people printed on them with text
Cis-sy 08
banner with people printed on it
Cis-sy 06
banner with people printed on it hanging on the wall with reddish light shining.
Cis-sy 03
picture of person on banner with a red light shining on it
Cis-sy 01 2020
person looking in mirror that is under a banner with a person printed on it
Cis-sy 05
Cis-sy 02
Cis-sy 07



A cis-gendered person not afraid to celebrate gender and sexuality.

Pink is not for men, boys don’t cry, bro lift more weight, think straight, oh you faggot! Who defines these rules? Or are we born with them as a part of our DNA? My thesis is an attempt to explore and understand masculinity. Cis–sy traverse the ways that traditional notions of masculinity are being challenged, shifted, and overturned. This body of work celebrates gender and gender trouble by roaring that masculinity is a hoax idea that is deep-rooted in our human narrative and maintained by the human distaste of ambiguity. My thesis is also an investigation into my own identity and gender, throughout this body of work I kept asking myself how has masculinity affected me and how can I change my point of view as a male cisgender person and how can I be more Cis–sy. Through Cis–sy, you can see and understand that gender is what not what is assigned to you at the time of birth, it is what you want it to be. This body of work is an amalgamation of photography, publication design, film, installation design, and textile production all pleading “you do you”.