A meditative piece looking at spiraling thoughts as a by-product of anxiety.
Spiraling Thoughts 2020 Ink 7 x 14"
When Anxiety Leaves I by Rohama Malik
When Anxiety Leaves I 2020 Ink 14 x 7"
When Anxiety Leaves II by Rohama Malik
When Anxiety Leaves II 2020 Ink 14 x 7"
The culmination of analysing my anxiety in comparison to my father's.
Hereditary Anxiety III 2020 Ink 14 x 7"

Rohama Malik is a multidisciplinary artist whose subjects of interest range from folk lore and science fiction to explorations of emotions and mental health through art making.

Her thesis, Disquiet: Vignettes of Anxiety, is an exploration of her experiences with anxiety. Abstract spreads and diary-like text are utilized to try to make sense of an emotional and mental condition that many people can relate to in order to help people contextualize their own experiences with anxiety by using herself as a case study.