Graduate Internship

Classroom Participation as Intern

Instructors may adapt this template to their particular teaching style, course content, and schedule.

1st Quarter of Semester

For the first two weeks of the semester, the interns should observe all parts of the class process—including setup, lectures, technical demonstrations, individual student conferences, critiques, and grading assessments; for the second two weeks, the interns could begin to participate and assist in most parts of the class process, perhaps with the exception of grading.

2nd Quarter

  1. Interns could prepare and present a slide lecture, technical demonstration, or similar-for which the mentoring teacher may mandate the parameters.
  2. Interns could lead a group critique and/or several individual critiques.
  3. Interns could participate in grading/assessment process with mentoring teacher.

3rd Quarter

Interns should plan, prepare, and teach an entire lesson-which may include some of the following:

  • slide lecture/artist exemplars
  • demonstration
  • relevant readings/handouts
  • classroom lesson/activity
  • homework assignment
  • critique of student work produced for the lesson
  • grading/assessment of student work produced for the lesson

4th Quarter

Interns should recede into the background, thereby allowing the mentoring teacher to reestablish him- or herself in the principle position in the classroom, but the intern could participate (collaboratively, with mentoring teacher) in all aspects of final evaluation of students' work from the semester-including:

  • individual or group critiques
  • assigning of final grades

Interns are expected to attend all classes, with the understanding that commitments to the intern's graduate program have priority over internship responsibilities. As well, with the aforementioned exception in mind, interns are expected to be punctual and to stay until class ends. All other responsibilities concerning the internship are to be discussed and agreed upon by mentor and intern at the outset of the internship.