Graduate Internship

GTI + GTA Policy


The following policies are in place to enable equal access to GTI and GTA positions.

  1. Students are eligible to apply for two GTIs per semester or 1 GTI and 1 GTA per semester while enrolled full-time in their degree program. These will be filled on a first come first awarded basis. No student may do more than two GTI/GTAs per semester.
  2. Students may not GTI for any course in which they are also enrolled as a student.
  3. All undergraduates courses are eligible to have one GTI each.
  4. Graduate-level courses are not eligible to have GTIs.
  5. There is only one GTI permitted per undergraduate class.
  6. ITo gain job experience, graduate students electing to GTI should do so in an FYE course, or 100-level course, or Black & White Photo I. Note: GD MFA students are exempt from this requirement. FYE experience prepares graduate students for future employment.
  7. All GTIs and GTAs will be paid an $822.50 stipend for 75 hours of work per semester, usually five hours per week for 15 weeks.
  8. Undergraduates may be hired ONLY for Sculptural Forms, and ONLY if a graduate student has not filled the position by the beginning of the semester.