Graduate Internship

GTI + GTA Application Process

Application Process

  1. Students can check the available listings that are available on the web. The listings for the next semester are made available towards the end of the current semester.
  2. Students may also reach out to professors directly to apply for a GTI.
  3. Students will meet with the faculty member to discuss and mutually agree on  responsibilities and expectations for the semester.
  4. Once the student and faculty member have agreed, the student will fill out the Verbal Agreement Form on the website.
  5. GTI / GTA slots are first come, first serve with limited availability. If you have not filled out the Verbal Agreement Form, you have not been hired and will not be paid or receive credit.
  6. Students will receive a confirmation email from the Graduate Intern Program Coordinator.
  7. Students should then go to the third floor of the Bunting Building to fill out their I9 form in order to get paid.
  8. This must be done by the third week of the semester.
  9. If you do not fill out the Verbal Agreement Form and your HR paperwork you will not get paid for your GTI / GTA position.