Humanistic Studies Minor

Critical Theory Specialization

When students pick a Minor in Humanistic Studies, they also select a specialization that can help them define the shape of their self-selected Minors coursework, as well as the selection of their advisor for their capstone thesis project.

Critical Studies is an interdisciplinary field where students interrogate cultural, social, political, artistic and other phenomena, often through applying social theory and philosophy.

Critical Studies Seminar

Examine 20th Century Critical Discourse

Through readings, discussion, and student presentations, this seminar examines the history, theory, and practice of the following 20th century critical discourses: psychoanalysis, semiotics, structuralism, poststructuralism, Marxism, feminism, postmodernism, and cultural studies. This class is run as a seminar with no more than fifteen students, who lead the discussions. Prerequisites: One IH1 and one IH2 course.