Humanistic Studies Minor

Culture & Politics Specialization

When students pick a Minor in Humanistic Studies, they also select a specialization that can help them define the shape of their self-selected Minors coursework, as well as the selection of their advisor for their capstone thesis project.

The Culture and Politics specialization of the Humanistic Studies Minor allows students to focus on any area of contemporary or historical struggles over power, contested systems and symbols of meaning, behaviors, and modes of expression.

Featured Course

Concrete Culture

The urban environment is a complex blend of structures: physical, political, economic and cultural to name a few. Readings, films, lectures, and discussions will augment students’ inquiries into the ways in which the urban fabric becomes the site, inspiration, and material for individual studio projects that may traverse many genres from site-specific to object-based works. Prerequisite: 3 credits of 200-level IS