Humanistic Studies Minor

Gender Studies Specialization

When students pick a Minor in Humanistic Studies, they also select a specialization that can help them define the shape of their self-selected Minors coursework, as well as the selection of their advisor for their capstone thesis project.

Because gender, as a culturally-constructed category of identity, manifests itself in modes of behavior, media, design, arts, and texts, it constitutes a vitally important field of study for artists, designers, and global citizens.

Students specializing in Gender Studies for their Minor will have the chance to work with a faculty advisor to deepen their inquiries into gender as a category of identity, and the ways that it intersects with other categories such as race, class, religion, nation, and sexuality. Gender Studies exemplifies the possibilities of interdisciplinary inquiry at MICA, and has long been a strength of the Humanistic Studies Department, with courses on Sexuality, Feminist Intellectual History and Philosophy, Masculinity, Arab and Muslim Women, Queer Studies, Women and Film, and ample opportunities to connect these academic studies with the rich work in this field in Studio Departments as well. 

Featured Course

Women in Art

This course explores the role women have played in the visual arts as artists, patrons, critics, and historians. This course is suitable for advanced undergraduate and graduate students.