Pieces of Me 2022 Video of Performance
Hexagon shaped piece, loose canvas on top. Scrunched violet background, multiple body prints overlaid in muted colors (bottom to top layer) yellow, red, purple. Body depicts a buttock and legs upside down and varied leg positions + Enlarge
Discourse 2021 Acrylic Body Prints, Loose Canvas on Hexagon Stretcher 4' x 5'
Turmeric ink body print on loose white bedsheet. Watery orange/yellow pools around shoulders and feet. + Enlarge
Resonate 2021 Tumeric Ink on Bedsheet 2' x 10'
Square light toned bedsheet, covered almost entirely in hand stencils. Hands are stenciled in brown and red colored ink. Hands converge around two faces that are opening their mouths as if to yell at one another. + Enlarge
Sacred Rage 2021 Walnut, beet juice, and turmeric ink on bedsheet 4' x 4'

My work focuses on memories and sensations. I create prints of my body using recognizable forms to illustrate narratives. Themes that I explore are emotional intimacy and personal healing. I use my form as a tool for artmaking by pressing myself into the canvas either as a stamp or inversely as a stencil. Using my body this way allows the work to be immediately connected to sensory human experiences. My work is meant to reflect on and address conflicts I’ve experienced in life and that I believe many others have and can relate to.

General Fine Arts (BFA) Students