four figures amongst a chaotic background + Enlarge
Out of control 2021 oil, acrylic, pastels on canvas 24 x 36in.
figure covered in white amongst a red background + Enlarge
Gotta have the bad days so you can have the best days 2022 oil, acrylic on canvas 24 x 30in.
+ Enlarge
The magician 2022 oil on canvas 16 x 20in
two figures sitting + Enlarge
Parable of a tree 2022 oil, acrylic, rhinestone on canvas 24 x 30in.
figure sitting amongst leaves + Enlarge
Sinnerman 2022 oil, ink, acrylic, pastels on canvas 24 x 36in.
figure sitting, with Blessed placed in background + Enlarge
Blessed 2022 charcoal on paper 22 x 30in.
figure standing in boat, amongst trees + Enlarge
Dreaming of Protection 2021 oil, acrylic, collage, glitter on canvas 36 x 48in.

Through my work and practice, I narrate my reality through painting, ceramics, film, poetry. Images in my imagination, past memories and experiences, scenes from my dreams to offer a sense of intimacy embedded in a speculative narrative. Story collecting is a great part of my work, they come from stories I’ve seen my whole life, and stories that developed over time. They become encapsulations of an existence that comes in to form a feeling of belonging to something greater. My process is usually intuitive, rooted in deep emotions that become formulated through the use of various expressive mark making. I’m very inspired by different genres of music, by having a particular rhythm in some of the work. I aim to depict a feeling of honesty, in order to create and hide language through the use of its structure. During my process, I’m searching for something and that thing is often peace and freedom. I am to be free, free in creating and with peace I will find freedom. I’m looking for something, something I don’t have in the present moment or I am looking for the very thing I might have. However, one thing for sure I am searching for something.  

General Fine Arts (BFA) Students