This mixed media work explores the tactility of the materials and herself. Manipulating wood particles and gauze shows how she explores the textures. + Enlarge
Boundless words 1 2022 Woods, Gauze, Oil paints 47 x 89 inches (with x height)
This mixed media work explores the tactility of the materials and herself. Sawdusts surface creates irregular textures and earthy color gives an underground zone. + Enlarge
Boundless words 2 2022 Sawdust, Gauze, Oil paints 53 x 95 (with x height)
This work is over 100 pieces on the wall with different textures and surfaces. + Enlarge
Rectangulars 2022 Canvas fabric, pencil 44 x 66 (with x height)

My process is a series of accumulated regrets. Rough and irregular surfaces cover me and my artwork. Textile features reflect myself through repeating expressions. The characteristics of the wood resemble me; it was created by nature but transformed artificially, and now exists in our world. This controversial transition represents how I create work with colliding questions and skepticism. Like a ritual, I am directing destruction yet echoing creation. This process affects me, mirroring personal doubts. Exploring and connecting each material resembles my own conflict of concealing and revealing. Likewise, my color choices contain variety, showing a different side of a self-portrait. Through covering the surface over and over again, my wrongs and regrets grow and hide inside the pieces. I wish to forgive myself but who am I praying for forgiveness from? These pieces put me in an uncomfortable spot and uncover my insecurities. Still, I hope to create honesty through destruction.

General Fine Arts (BFA) Students