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Dec. 01
Jan. 29

AIDS & Art: Artists in an Epidemic

In June of 1981, the CDC published details on the first U.S. cases of an illness that would soon after be known as AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). While those initially diagnosed with AIDS were predominately gay men, HIV (human immunodeficiency…
Dec. 15
Feb. 28

Unravel the Code 2021

Unravel the Code showcases the final projects of students in the state-of- the-art interdisciplinary graduate and undergraduate course by the same name at MICA. Taught by Annet Couwenberg and Ryan Hoover the students draw from traditional crafts to explore…
Feb. 11
May. 06


The Decker Library is proud to announce our 5th bi-annual Community Show, ART IS NOT ENOUGH, on view from February 11 through May 6, 2022. This exhibition includes works from the MICA community as they explore ideas of protest, activism, and action. An…
Mar. 21
Apr. 15
"Mushroom Head", 2020, Matthew Famualro
Undergraduate Students

Student Space Gallery Exhibition: The Toy Store by Matthew Famularo

The exhibition by Matthew Famularo will be on view from March 21 - April 15 in the Gateway Gallery.  Join us for the opening reception March 25, 2022 from 5–7:00PM. This collection is a series of conceptual toys designed to resemble those of traditional…
Feb. 21
Mar. 19
Undergraduate Students

Student Space Gallery Exhibition: You Mean This Much To Me by Maya Halko

The exhibition by Maya Halko will be on view from February 21 - March 19 in the Piano Gallery.  Join us for the opening reception February 25, 2022 from 5–7:00PM. You Mean This Much To Me is an exploration of the ways color connects to emotion. When using…
Feb. 21
Mar. 19
Vicissitudes: the ground,HD,2020,Yuchae Lee, 2022 Spring, Film and Video
Undergraduate Students

Student Space Gallery Exhibition: In Between Dances by Yuchae Lee

The exhibition by Yuchae Lee will be on view from February 21 - March 19 in the Pinkard Gallery.  Join us for the opening reception February 25, 2022 from 5–7:00PM. We easily experience the magic of being captivated by a particular moment. At the silence…
Jan. 28
Feb. 18
Domesticated Animal Dreaming, acrylic and oils on canvas, 48"x48", Chloe Mosbacher, 2022, painting
Undergraduate Students

Student Space Gallery Exhibition: In Mind's Eye by Chloe Mosbacher

The exhibition by Chloe Mosbacher will be on view from January 24 - February 18 in the Pinkard Gallery.  Join us for the opening reception February 4, 2022 from 5–7:00PM. In Mind's Eye, I have rendered a series of worlds in paint that animate and dramatize…
Jan. 24
Feb. 18
 "Night Glow" by Teresa Nicolella, 36” x 24”, Oil on Wood Panel, 2019.
Undergraduate Students

Student Space Gallery Exhibition: Starry Melancholia by Teresa Nicolella

The exhibition by Teresa Nicolella will be on view from January 24 - February 18 in the Gateway Gallery.  Join us for the opening reception February 4, 2022 from 5–7:00PM. Starry Melancholia recalls certain indefinable feelings within the complex relationship…
Feb. 03
Mar. 06
Mesa (2008), David Knopp, Tropical plywood

Open House: Art, Craft, and Domesticity

MICA and Exhibition Development Seminar (EDS) are thrilled to present "Open House: Art, Craft, and Domesticity," a show that calls attention to the relationships between individuals, home environments, and everyday household objects. "Open House: Art…
Mar. 10
Apr. 07
Promotional image with text, the Decker Library logo, and rectangular images of artist books.

Resilience, Resistance, & Remembrance

From March 10 to April 7, 2022, the Decker Library is hosting a new exhibit of artist books which present visual narratives of human experience that transgress, transcend, or transform often traumatic experiences and speak to the resilience of the human…
Feb. 17
Mar. 06

feels familiar

feels familiar begins at the intersection of place, belonging, pursuance, and becoming. Conceived by the first-year Curatorial Practice MFA cohort, this exhibition presents a diverse collection of work responding to the varied associations, implications…
Feb. 21
Mar. 19
Oil on paper, 6"x7", 2020, Olivia Schrecengost, 2023, Painting Major
Undergraduate Students

Meditative Solitude by Olivia Schrecengost

Meditative Solitude explores the visual representation of isolation through distortion and repetition of the everyday. It aims to draw viewers into a collective reality while leaving room for individual interpretation and reflection, utilizing the times…
Mar. 21
Apr. 15
 Mollie Mayer presents: Faith Circus. March 21st-April 15th, 2022.
Undergraduate Students

Good Heavens! by Mo Mayer

A moment to process religion, relationships, emotions, reality, and identity. A joyous array of figures and colors meet at the altar of grief and harmony. What do you pray to? This is a Student Space Gallery exhibition. For more information about the…
Mar. 21
Apr. 15
Birds · 3”– 50” · lasercut, painted, embroidered wood · 2020–present
Undergraduate Students

Bye Bye Birdies by Danielle Kunkel

I grew up surrounded by nature and inspired by singing birds. I cannot imagine how quiet the world would be if birds were gone and no longer in our backyards. Bye Bye Birdies is an immersive graph installation that explores how bird populations have decreased…
Mar. 21
Apr. 15
Relief Printing , 2020-2021, Yan Wang, Printmaking 2023'
Undergraduate Students

A Lump of the Earth by Yan Wang

The exhibition by Matthew Famularo will be on view from March 21 - April 15 in the Gateway Gallery. Join us for the opening reception March 25, 2022 from 5–7:00PM. Based out of the memories etched into me growing up, from a twisted, modified, romanticized…
Feb. 21
Mar. 19
Arches Morphed, Oil, credit cards, beeswax, on linen, 36 x48”, 2022.
Graduate Students

Fantasies by Emily Wisniewski

What we see is a fantasy determined by desire the past and present. In her mixed-media art, Emily Wisniewski addresses the current climate crisis in the U.S. while building an ironic critique of the Western landscape canon of painting and the lineage…
Feb. 21
Mar. 19

You Mean This Much To Me by Maya Halko

You Mean This Much To Me is an exploration of the ways color connects to emotion. When using a limited palette, the color is emphasized; it helps guide the story and becomes just as important as the linework. Ink drawings from observation and imagination…
Apr. 05
Apr. 26

Taxonomy Lit Pop Up Show

From April 5 - April 26, 2022, the Decker Library will be hosting the Taxonomy Lit Pop Up Show by MICA undergraduate senior Emma Wright '22.⁠ ⁠ Emma Wright, known professionally as Emma Mathewson, is a writer and illustrator from Virginia. She is…
Apr. 18
May. 13

Defending Culture: Ukrainian Art and Heritage

In late February 2022, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine resulted in the destruction of the Ivankiv Historical and Local History Museum, located northwest of the capital city of Kyiv. The museum housed 25 works by Ukrainian folk artist Maria Prymachenko whose…
May. 23
Jul. 15

From Here to There and Everywhere

From May 23 - July 15, 2022, the Decker Library will be hosting a new exhibit of collection items that explore the use of the line in art. Curated by Tannaz Motevalli.⁠ ⁠ What is a line? A stroke or mark on a surface…a row of people waiting at the…
Apr. 16
Apr. 16
Art by Sarah Flood-Baumann

Nōs•Reme's 1st Pop Up Restaurant Series

Soon to be MPS Business of Art and Design graduate, Ariana Parrish, is finalizing her Capstone and wants to share this sneak peek event with you all. Come with a friend or come by yourself, this event is all about community with strangers. We are thrilled…
Apr. 18
May. 16

Facing the Blank Page

The Sketchbook Intensive is an undergraduate Illustration elective that investigates the myriad ways in which a sketchbook practice informs and influences the artistic process. Through material exploration, observational drawing, writing and conceptual…
Apr. 16
May. 02
Designed by Marty Koelsch
Graduate Students


Exhibition & Open Studios: In an arts academic setting, there has traditionally been a separation of sorts between the studio and the gallery, the creation and the exhibition. MICA is no different. As the things we make move from space to space, they…
Aug. 26
Sep. 18


Celebrate highlighted work from last year’s freshman class. Meyerhoff Gallery, Fox Building Pinkard Gallery, Bunting Center
Aug. 26
Sep. 18
Sabbatical work by Andrea Sherrill Evans in foreground, and paintings by Robert Salazar in the background

2022 Sabbatical Exhibition

Celebrate MICA’s incredible faculty members at the 2022 Sabbatical Exhibition. Dual poetry and prose reading by Soheila Ghaussy & Paul Jaskunas on Wednesday, September 7 @ 1:00 pm Decker Gallery, Fox Building
Nov. 07
Dec. 02

Texture Archives

Texture Archives (2022) is collection of material samples that show the many possibilities of color, shape, texture and form-both old and new, natural and synthetic. Arranged by color, one can see the subtle or harsh differences between textures. Suggested…
Oct. 03
Nov. 06

Up Before the Sun, work by William Downs

MICA alumnus and educator William Downs (’03 Mt Royal School of Art) creates allegorical drawings and paintings that, in his words: “attempt to archive a particular emotion based on autobiographical experience.” Over the past few years, Downs has shifted…
Sep. 16
Oct. 02

Chip Kidd presents Batman Black & White

Award winning designer, Chip Kidd who is also a Batman aficionado was inspired to invite some of the world's greatest illustrators to sketch a Batman Black and White cover. See 165 different, original covers! Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday, 10 a.m.-5…
Sep. 29
Oct. 31

TL;DR Zine exhibition

The TL;DR Zine Exhibition brings together zines from various collections that explore four themes relevant to the MICA community: Collection 1 The TL;DR Zine Archive is a collection of zines organized by two MICA alumni at Washington University in St…
Sep. 30
Oct. 09

Class of 20 x 21 Exhibition

Celebrate our Class of 2020 & 2021 students with this special exhibition. The 20x21 Exhibition, showcases the art of both classes whose graduating experience was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  
Sep. 21
Dec. 09

Backwards and Forwards

After the last couple years living through historical events and constantly redefining "normal", what are we taking with us and what are we leaving behind? We are accepting works that explore themes of revivals, renewals, metamorphosis…
Sep. 30
Oct. 21

bathhouse by Chunyun Han

These whole series of figure sculptures were inspired by the missing public bathhouse culture in north China. The conflict between traditional cultural values and the needs of modern urban development. For the most part of the 20th Century, before hot…
Sep. 30
Oct. 21

Faithful Rind by Lily Antilla

The work featured in Faithful Rind is an ode to generational trauma, and healing. I am a sculptor, performance artist, and fabricator, dedicated to exploring material as it relates to my history. Each piece is imbued with my body. They connect to various…
Sep. 30
Oct. 21
" Oil on canvas,18*24, 2022, Heejo Kim, 2023, LeRoy E. Hoffberger School of Painting"

Hi, could you spare some time for me? by Heejo Kim

"Hi, could you spare some time for me?” This is what I desperately wanted to tell others when I felt overwhelmed but at the same time the most difficult thing to say. There could be many reasons such as not wanting to impose on someone, not feeling comfortable…
Sep. 30
Oct. 21

Shedding Velvet by Gil Dickinson

Shedding Velvet is a love letter to the patterns and textures of the natural world. The high contrast of single color block printing allows me to imply harsh light while limiting the ways in which I am able to convey the presence of different materials…
Sep. 30
Oct. 21
Digital illustration by BreAnden Benson, 2022.

Weathering Through by BreAnden Benson

Weathering Through" is a show comprised of various illustrative explorations from the last three years, arranged in cyclical fashion inspired by the changing of seasons.
Oct. 26
Nov. 15
Graduate Students

Archive of Digital Portraits Cast in Concrete

On view at TheBLANC gallery from October 26th, 2022 through November 15th, 2022, the queer and anxious artist Blair Simmons will unveil her solo exhibition “Archive of Digital Portraits Cast in Concrete”. The exhibition will present 11 concrete sculptural…
Dec. 09
Jan. 13
The Wrinkles of Time, MJ 2022


to WITNESS to EXPERIENCE to REFLECT (2022) is a group exhibition that explores the visible and invisible layers of identity in order to process, synthesize and complicate narratives of race, power, representation, and belonging. The historical archive…