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Dec. 09
Jan. 13
The Wrinkles of Time, MJ 2022


to WITNESS to EXPERIENCE to REFLECT (2022) is a group exhibition that explores the visible and invisible layers of identity in order to process, synthesize and complicate narratives of race, power, representation, and belonging. The historical archive…
Jan. 25
Feb. 10
wide shot of the Riggs gallery with vinyl title text on marquee wall

Small Works, Big Talent - MICA Staff Exhibition

MICA's Staff Empowerment Council (SEC) is proud to present the return of the MICA Staff Exhibition. This exhibition of small artworks by MICA staff from across all departments presents a variety of art created in a size no more than 24 inches in any dimension…
Feb. 10
Mar. 03
Sunny Choi, "Olive Branch" (2022), Digital Inkjet Print

Just a Drop

Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and the Curatorial Practice MFA (CP) Practicum class are proud to announce “Just a Drop,” an exhibition on view in MICA’s Meyerhoff Gallery from February 10th to March 3rd, 2023. Through a wide range of objects…
Feb. 27
Mar. 24

Student Space Gallery March Exhibitions

March Student Space Gallery artists and shows include: Still Digging by Aidan Lodge - Gateway 1 Gallery Through Our Eyes by Destiny Moore - Gateway 2 Gallery Solace by Robert Wesley - Great White Wall (Gateway) Cocoonium by Theresia Zhang - Piano Gallery…
Feb. 20
Feb. 27
Designed by Grace Birch, teal poster with abstract shapes and information for the show.
Undergraduate Students

MICA Biannual : Dis-connect

The MICA Biannual is an art show organized, curated, and produced by Timo Kuzme's Forum II class. The show will feature the works of the classes 19 students, as well as the work of other students chosen by members of the class. Each student has produced…
Feb. 10
Feb. 23
Celeste Tooth and Destiny Moore


Intrinsic is an exhibition celebrating disabled students and staff members here on MICA's campus.
Feb. 08
Mar. 05
Undergraduate Students

2023 Juried Undergraduate Exhibition

The work in this annual exhibition is a selection of the best submissions from all four years of undergraduate students. From hundreds of entries, selected artists are chosen in a variety of disciplines based on artistic merit, creativity, and vision…
Feb. 23
Mar. 08

Grad Show I: Teaching MA

MICA's Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program is nationally recognized for its success in preparing art education professionals who integrate personal artistry with the skill and understanding to direct the art making of others. MAT cohort 2023's thesis…
Apr. 04
Apr. 10

Score!! Clothing Swap and Art Exhibition

Open your closets and shake off the old! Please bring any clothes to donate or swap as part of SCORE, the next exhibition in the Middendorf Gallery. We are hoping for a school-wide response to the clothing swap and lots of participation using the swap…
Apr. 12
Apr. 26

Beyond the Bubble

MICA’s Community Art & Service presents Beyond the Bubble, an exhibition featuring the work developed by France-Merrick Fellows during their yearlong fellowship and by Community Site Leaders during their semester-long commitment to community partners…
May. 12
May. 15

2023 Annual ArtWalk Commencement Exhibition

The annual ArtWalk Commencement Exhibition takes place across multiple buildings on MICA’s campus and features thousands of one-of-a-kind artworks by MICA's Undergraduate Class of 2023.
Mar. 07
Mar. 31

Palimpsest: a selection of altered books

Whether shredded, collaged, painted over, cut away, or sewn into, altered books use the book as a complex canvas for new and innovative work. Beyond simply defacing, altered books make new meaning out of something old, or transform an old story into something…
Mar. 07
Mar. 31

Pocket Books: a celebration of tiny books

Pocket-sized books have been our companions since books have been in print. There’s comfort to a book that’s tiny enough to hold in one hand, and an intimacy to keeping it safe in your pocket. The content is usually timeless, designed to be read more…
Apr. 24
May. 01

Navigating Movements

Navigating Movements: an explorative MICA Ceramics exhibition; takes place at the 410 Gallery, 410 N. Eutaw DSt., Baltimore, MD, from 4/21 - 5/1. Featuring work of the MICA students from the Cut and Paste; Ceramics elective at MICA. A reception will be…
May. 27
Jun. 16

Catalysts of Change

Community Art Collaborative (CAC), MICA's AmeriCorps Program, presents Catalysts of Change. CAC Artists-in-Residence have led youth arts programming all school year, in partnership with community organizations across Baltimore City. Now it's time to celebrate…
Jun. 21
Jul. 09
Graduate Students

Grad Show IV: Studio Art Low-Residency MFA

MICA Grad Show 2023 will host on-campus and community engagements and virtually showcase the culminating work of MFA and MA graduate students from 14 of the College's internationally renowned programs.
Jul. 14
Jul. 19
Graduate Students

Outside In: 2nd & 3rd Year MFAST Exhibition

Outside In traverses interiority and exteriority: of social spaces, of landscapes, of the body, of our perceptions and of our minds. This exhibition seeks to ask what happens when what occurs outside, is brought, or let in. These works are made from oil…
Aug. 25
Sep. 24

2023 Sabbatical Exhibition

The 2023 Sabbatical Exhibition will showcase the work of faculty members who took a semester away from MICA during the 2022/23 academic year to explore new themes. Featured faculty include Lauren Frances Adams, Christina P. Day, Erinn E. Hagerty, Kirsten…
Aug. 18
Sep. 12
Student-Artists, Undergraduate Students

2023 First Year Experience (FYE) Exhibition

Timed to coincide with the arrival of this year's freshman, the First Year Experience (FYE) Exhibition is one of the College's most highly regarded student shows. The exhibition, which opens in Meyerhoff Gallery and Pinkard Gallery, features work by rising…
Aug. 24
Sep. 24
Graduate Students

An Exercise in Persistence: Graduate Studies Alumni Exhibition

Curated by accomplished Alumna and Curator, Ashley Molese '14, MFA (Curatorial Practice), the Alumni Exhibition will showcase the work of several alumni from MICA’s graduate MFA and MA programs. Invited artists will exhibit materially rich and diverse…
Oct. 04
Oct. 29
Student-Artists, Undergraduate Students

Fall 2023 Juried Undergraduate Exhibition

The work in this annual exhibition is a selection of the best submissions from all four years of undergraduate students. From hundreds of entries, selected artists are chosen in a variety of disciplines based on artistic merit, creativity, and vision…
Sep. 21
Oct. 01

The Janet & Walter Sondheim Art Prize Semifinalists Exhibition

The Sondheim Semifinalists exhibition brings together artists from disciplines including painting, photography, sculpture, animation, and fiber craft. Named in honor of the philanthropists and civic leaders Janet and Walter Sondheim, the Sondheim exhibition…
Sep. 01
Sep. 22
Poster for Knights In The Desert

Knights In The Desert: Prints & Comics by Justin Remo

This exhibition in the Meyerhoff Piano Gallery will feature a series of fine art prints from Justin Remo, creator of the graphic novel series, "Dust". All chapters of the graphic novels will also be on display for browsing. Show support for the series…
Sep. 07
Sep. 17
Graduate Students

Erhan US • Trigger Warning

STATEMENT As an introspective exploration of the complex interplay between thoughts, beliefs, and moral systems; Trigger Warning explores the purgatory among criticism, freedom of speech and the 'ideal' language. In a world that anthropologists estimate…
Sep. 01
Sep. 22
Graduate Students, Student-Artists, Student-Curated

Student Space Gallery September Exhibitions

Emily LUCAS & True ARIZOLA-LYONS – For Sunday @ Gateway 1 Jordyn BERGER – The Garage @ Pinkard Gallery / BUNTING Justin REMO – Knights in the Desert @ Piano Gallery / MEYERHOFF Soham PATIL – Just Look Up! @ Lazarus Hallway Gallery Tim MORAN – escapade…
Oct. 06
Oct. 20

Student Space Gallery October Artists Exhibition

Between October 6th and October 20th, we will host an exhibition featuring six artists, each showcasing their unique art pieces in our six galleries. Learn more about our Student Space Gallery Program here. Delzy Alarcon - "Desde Lejos" @ Lazarus Hall…
Oct. 11
Nov. 05

YOUniverse (through the lens)

Envision yourself standing still in a sea of people. Everyone is moving in different directions. What captures your attention? What makes you wander in your own self? Have you ever thought about what surrounds you?
Oct. 05
Oct. 23
Undergraduate Students

The Art of Architecture

A showcase of work from the previous year's graduating class and "off-the-desk" student work from the Architectural Design program.
Oct. 05
Oct. 09
Undergraduate Students


A showcase of Interdisciplinary Sculpture Thesis work. A reception will be held Thursday, October 5th from 5:00PM to 6:30PM. The exhibition is on view in the Middendorf Gallery (Station Building, Floor 1) from September 29th through October 9th 2023…
Oct. 04
Oct. 28
Faculty-Artists, Student-Artists


An inclusive exhibition to connect and to celebrate the diversity and visibility of LGBTQ2IA+ MICA students, staff and faculty. This salon-style exhibition featuring more than 60 artists is part of MICA's National Coming Out Day programming at Cohen Plaza…
Sep. 27
Oct. 11
Graduate Students

In Uncertainty We Trust: Mount Royal School of Art Exhibition

In Uncertainty We Trust features new works by current Mount Royal School of Art Multidisciplinary MFA students. Curated by program director Luca Buvoli.  Reception: Friday, September 29th, 5:00PM to 7:00PM. Featured Artists: Aura Wang, Daniel Katz-Hernandez…
Oct. 06
Oct. 18
Graduate Students

Shifts in Obscurity: Photography Media & Society Exhibition

The exhibition features new works by current Photography + Media & Society MFA students.  Reception: Friday, October 6th, 6:00PM to 8:00PM. The exhibition is on view in the Fox 3 Gallery (Fox 3 Gallery is located on the 3rd floor of the MICA Fox Building…
Oct. 20
Oct. 29
Graduate Students

Illustration Practice Exhibition

The exhibition features new works by current Illustration Practice MFA students. Reception: Friday, October 20th, 5:00PM to 7:00PM. The exhibition is on view in the Sheila & Richard Riggs and Leidy galleries (Lazarus Center, Floor 1 + Lower Level) from…
Nov. 09
Dec. 10

2023 Faculty Exhibition

The 2023 Faculty Exhibition features the work of MICA’s world-renowned faculty, highlighting their diversity in content, medium, and style. Reception: Thursday, November 16th 2023, 5-7pm Campus Gallery Hours: Open to the public Monday - Sunday, 10AM…
Oct. 26
Nov. 13
meet me half way poster
Undergraduate Students

Meet Me Half Way

An exhibition featuring the works of seniors from the Ceramics program! Artists include Ana Mihai, Ava Drury, Emily Lucas, Gaeun Kim, Havi Peterson, Ollie Oliva, Mantis Harper-Blanco, Ollie Oliva, Raxhel Czarnik, Ruiqi Liu, and True Arizola-Lyons. The…
Nov. 03
Nov. 17
November Exhibitions

Student Space Gallery November Exhibitions

Between November 3rd and November 17th, we will host an exhibition featuring six artists, each showcasing their unique art pieces in our six galleries. Learn more about our Student Space Gallery Program here. Maverick Johnson – "Familiar Territory" @…
Nov. 04
Nov. 15
Graduate Students

Conjure: LeRoy E. Hoffberger School of Painting Fall Exhibition

The exhibition features new works by current LeRoy E. Hoffberger School of Painting MFA students. Reception: Friday, November 3rd, 5:00PM to 7:00PM. The exhibition is on view in the Sheila & Richard Riggs and Leidy galleries (Lazarus Center, Floor 1…
Nov. 03
Nov. 19
Student-Artists, Undergraduate Students


Polycrystalline is a showcase of student metalwork curated by Jacqueline Tull and Rachel Martino located in the Middendorf Gallery of the Station Building. The exhibition is on view from November 3rd to November 19th.   Opening reception: Friday, November…
Nov. 30
Dec. 11
Graduate Students

"Yes, And..." Rinehart School of Sculpture Exhibition

The exhibition features new works by current Rinehart School of Sculpture MFA students.  Reception: Friday, December 1st, 5:00PM to 7:00PM. The exhibition is on view in the Sheila & Richard Riggs and Leidy galleries (Lazarus Center, Floor 1 + Lower…
Dec. 01
Dec. 13
something so light and heavy poster

something so light and heavy

"something so light and heavy" is a group exhibition curated by Gaeun Kim and featuring the work of Jung Won Le, Nichole Hernandez, Rachel Czarnik, Lite Zhang, Nico De Cardenas, Eleanor Koster, Michelle Li, Shan Deng and Emily Lucas. Opening Reception:…