Trailer for Beyond the Far Side 2020 2D Animation, Clip studio
It is the poster for animated film, Beyond the Far Side. There are two main characters in dark blue mystic forest. + Enlarge
Film Poster for Beyond the Far Side 2020 2D Digital art, Clip Studio
It is called as Shadow Forest that emits bluish calm light, where spirits and ghost live, in animated film Beyond the Far Side + Enlarge
Shadow Forest 2020 2D Digital art, Clip studio

Beyond the Far Side is a two-minute trailer for an animated series that I will create in the future. The story begins with a human girl’s encounter with a ghost boy in a ghost world. At the beginning of the story, the young girl often thinks that her life was tedious, without any goals. However, after she accidentally enters the eerie ghost world and tries to survive among the spirits and ghosts, she realizes how valuable her life is. As the girl was chased by unidentified creatures in the ghost world, she encountered a ghost boy and he helped her get safely to her home at the end. The central message for my animation is that we should know that even small things that we thought were natural in our lives are valuable. I created this story based on a dream that I had a few years ago. Sometimes, I see young students around me who think their whole lives are useless without goals. For those who are depressed with their lives, I wanted to share this dream, that made me think how peaceful a life I have, which is priceless and which cannot be compared to others. The medium I chose for my film is 2D digital animation. When I was a kid, I really liked to watch 2D animated films and drew doodles a lot. I think that is the reason I use 2D digital techniques for my animation. Inspired by many Studio Ghibli movies, I would like to work in a similar style for my films, a style of beauty and fantasy, that creates calming feelings.