*Fall 2023 Capstone Winner - Kathleen Piro

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Kathleen Piro Pottery Spring 2024 Capstone Winner 2023

Kathleen Piro Pitch Deck 2023

Katie Piro Pottery is a handmade pottery studio located in Western New Jersey that specializes in both functional and decorative work, created as sustainably as possible. With 15 years of art education experience, Katie Piro Pottery has the opportunity not only to create things of great beauty and function, but to utilize social media and video subscriptions to educate others about creating with this material. Our lines of work will span from everyday functional ware, to decorative specialty pieces as well as truly one of a kind artistic sculptures. Our studio looks to be completely powered by renewable energy, and our materials all sourced as locally as possible. We serve both individual retail customers, as well as small-batch wholesale accounts.