Hi, I’m Sarah Sewell-Tippin, the owner of Joyful Clay in Annapolis, Maryland. I make handmade, functional ceramics for family, home, and heart. The value our society has put on the manufacturing of cheaper, mass-produced products for the last several decades has encouraged an unsustainable lifestyle. We are overworked and exhausted, and our planet is suffering. In response, people are turning to smaller businesses for products that evoke more meaning, bring joy, and are more environmentally responsible.

Joyful Clay answers society’s call to action with pottery that is unique, sustainably packed, and reusable, and intended to encourage its customers to breathe, slow down, and surround themselves with positivity and joy. I use whimsical illustrations and positive affirmations in combination with on-trend colors and designs to create one-of-a-kind pieces that make people feel special. Joyful Clay is available for both wholesale and retail purchases. It prides itself on the consistency of products and an efficient production process.