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Family Tree Poster 2022
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Origins Family Tree Poster 2022

Hello to anyone of interest!

My name is Gil Plaks and I am the CEO and founder of Family Matter.

Family Matter is a design studio providing visual solutions for family history enthusiasts, including hobbyists and genealogists.


My inspiration came from my aunt, who wanted to a gift idea for her grandchildren. With my background in graphic design and my passion for helping others, I helped my aunt design a book that became a meaningful gift to her family. Now, anyone and their loved ones can receive fully custom tailored products which can include books, posters, videos, and other unique design solutions.


We’re all about designing a story out of your family history. And creating a meaningful gift that can last for ‚Ä®future generations. Everyone has a family, and every family has a story.


Please take a look at this innovative family tree poster I made so you can understand what kind of experiences our valued customers can have.


Thank You.