Illustration (BFA)

A man is laying on the ground. He is holding a knife with his left hand and covering his throat with his right hand. There is a shining large face in the sky with four eyes. There are also some tentacles around the page. + Enlarge
Following The Light 2020 Digital
The series illustration for the webcomic, Apartment 325. + Enlarge
Apartment 325 Key Image 2021 Digital
A ginger-haired scientist in a lab coat, observing an ant-sized adolescent in a dark jar in a lab setting. + Enlarge
The Science behind Adolescence 2020 Digital
series of child like book cover designs + Enlarge
book cover series, 3 2021 digital 8x10"
An illustration depicting the Hindu fairy tale The Fish Prince, featuring the scene when the protagonist frees the fish prince from his curse. As a human, he takes her hand and asks her to marry him. The two stand and face each other in a blue palace room + Enlarge
The Fish Prince Digital
A monk holds a candle to light up the mural, and he sees the goddess and clouds painted on the wall gradually become three-dimensional. + Enlarge
The Mural 2020 Digital (Photoshop)
Two wild-looking ladies are posed in front of large rock formations that are often seen in Utah. This album cover is based on hyper pop and high energy, experimental pop so there is hot pink linework surging throughout the piece like lightning. The time o + Enlarge
Fall Damage 2021 Adobe Photoshop
image 2: A close up of a girl with large blue eyes and black hair. Over top of the image is the text, "Ghost Year", in red letters. + Enlarge
Ghost Year 02 2020 Digital
A black-and-white nighttime scene of a tiger arched over a bed of flowers. + Enlarge
Dreamtiger 2020 Graphite
A battle maid with power of controlling water and shaping water into different snakes. + Enlarge
Water Spirit 2020 Digital
A brightly colored poster that reads "Joyce Manor torrance, ca" in an arch towards the middle of the page with "maybe human is not such a bad thing to be" at the bottom of the page. At the top of the page there is an arch with a pink h + Enlarge
Joyce Manor Poster Risograph
A front album cover illustration takes up the left half of the image. It shows three girls (Rob, Lucky, and Anise) laying in a field of clovers, each of them with distinct fashion styles and color palettes. Lucky, the girl in the middle of the group, is s + Enlarge
WiSHBONE album cover Digital
Illustration (BFA) Students