With a morning sky of pinks and purples, mossy mountains cascade along a winding path where far up a mountain the smoke of a campfire can be seen. + Enlarge
And so, Our Journey Begins... 2019 Digital Media
In a medium brown, wood burnt frame sits a fairy of light green skin and orange blush. Within their hands are cradled the flower Baby's Breath and a sheathed sword. With long blue-green wings and armor of bark, the fairy looks timid as if not ready to fig + Enlarge
Bark and Baby's Breath 2020 Digital Media
In a dimly lit forest, speckled by moonlight there is a young man with white hair glowing in the night along with his eyes shining and worried as he runs far through the forest only in his pajamas, behind him there is a man running after him right where t + Enlarge
Cosmic Breach 2020 Digital Media
In a dimly lit forest speckled with moonlight, a young man with glowing white hair and sharp cuts against his cheeks where tree branches have whipped past laying half-unconscious in a daze, holding him is a scruffy looking man with jaw-length hair and gla + Enlarge
Cosmic Break 2020 Digital Media
Two characters against a bright blue background, one female on the left clad in goggles and a long red coat looking shocked and worried to the man on the right in a similar long red coat with a bloody nose, pointing accusingly at the someone beyond the ca + Enlarge
Dolinski 2021 Digital Media
Inside of a dimly lit space ship, the woman farthest left with red hair strains to arm wrestle a moss green robot with glowing eyes in front of her, both underlit by blue hologram light. Behind them, a scruffy man in green and an aquatic being with long t + Enlarge
The Crew 2021 Digital Media

Brittany Corbin is a visual developer, illustrator, and storyteller who was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. Inspired by comics and cinema, she strives to create characters and worlds that people can see themselves in and escape to. Finding an interest in pushing history along the lines of fantasy and sci-fi, she is fascinated by the mythology and magic of everyday, mundane life along with the mysteries of the cosmos. Inspired by the immersion worldbuilding has to offer, and the occasional Dungeons and Dragons session, Brittany is looking forward to what stories there are to tell in the future.

Illustration (BFA) Students