“Heaven’s Blade” Written in a gothic style hand lettering in a pale pink and baby blue. Behind this text is a broad sword on fire with a pink/ orange flame. The background is a pile of blueish green  stones and gray green skulls at the bottom of the image + Enlarge
Heaven's Blade cover 2021 Procreate
Two rectangular horizontal panels take up two thirds of the page. The top panel pictures a man with shoulder length dark brown hair a teal tunic under a cross hatched brown vest with tan loose fitting pants lying in the rubble of an empty battlefield. His + Enlarge
Heaven's Blade page one 2021 Procreate
On the left hand side of the page divided into a downward facing triangle are three panels. The first is Aaron’s face (a light skinned man with shoulder length brown hair a beak like nose and bright blue eyes, with a small amount of stubble, and a “Y shap + Enlarge
Heaven's Blade page eighteen 2021 Procreate
From left Aaron Brynn stands with his arms crossed, head turned slightly in a three quarter view to the left. He is a lanky man with somewhat broad shoulders wavy dark brown hair that falls just above his shoulder. His skin is rather pale with a pinkish u + Enlarge
Heaven's Blade Character Sheet 2020 Procreate
A blue green yellow and teal color palette. The image is a  mermaid, half submerged in water. You can see her face about the water line and beneath the water is her bare chest and her shiny green tail. + Enlarge
Shipwrecked, 01 2018 Procreate and Photoshop
This image is a drop cap letter “P” the letter its self is designed to resemble a gothic lettering style if it were a three dimension wood carving on a ship. The stem of the letter is a carved mermaid whose tail sweeps around the bottom loop of the “P” in + Enlarge
Shipwrecked, 02 2019 Procreate and Photoshop
In this image in the distance of the upper left corner you can see the remains of a wrecked ship on fire smoke rising up to the sky. In the foreground of the right side of the image a sailor with a ripped white shirt and blond hair is propped up on a piec + Enlarge
Shipwrecked, 03 2020 Procreate and Photoshop
In this horizontal orientated image two silhouetted characters one man and one woman run through a dark, foggy forest with a torch in the hand of the email figure. They are being chased by flying evil pixie type creatures. In the water is a reflection of + Enlarge
Echo Concept Art poster 2020 Procreate
In this image the background is a blurry night scene of a lake. On top of it is a select bar on the top edge with diamond shaped icons of a feather, arrow, butterfly and star. The star icon is flipped because it has been clicked and reads “travel log” und + Enlarge
Echo Concept Art select screen 2020 Procreate
This image shows a grayish blue map of the world of echo. The main land mass is a crescent moon type shape with a heart shaped island at the bottom left hand corner, and a hawk shaped island that glows blue at the top right side of the image. + Enlarge
Echo Concept Art map 2020 Procreate
This image shows a sculpted piece which is a greenish skinned boy in a funeral suit in a pink rose petal filled coffin. A girl with short blonde hair and a purple top is leaning over the coffin as if she is about to kiss the boy. Around the coffin are glo + Enlarge
Illustration for "The New Boyfriend" By Kelly Link 2021 Polymer Clay, Found Objects, and Acrylic Paint 14"W x 11.5"D X 10.5"H

As an artist who comes from an illustrators perspective my work is most importantly about telling a story. These stories range from personal narratives to fantasy, and when they do not reflect my personal experiences, their inspiration comes mainly from my own dreams/nightmares. I find these are the most vivid and uncensored windows into my imagination. My work right now is mainly focused on my thesis Heaven’s Blade. However, I also make a lot of purely sculptural work which I photograph as an illustration and am working on a number of other concept art based projects. The style of my work often ranges in technique, but regularly works with dark humor, sci-fi, folklore or macabre elements and tries to capture things with a cinematic flare.

Illustration (BFA) Students