A black-and-white nighttime scene of a tiger arched over a bed of flowers. + Enlarge
Dreamtiger 2020 Graphite
Black-and-white image of a young boy at home. On the counter in his kitchen there is a toy tiger among plates and plastic bags. A window above the clutter looks out onto a night sky. + Enlarge
The Window 2020 Graphite
A mixed media portrait of Dmitri Shostakovich. With a light blue background, the portrait is made with colored pencils and collage, utilizing scanned paper textures in the clothing and glasses. + Enlarge
Shostakovich 2019 Mixed Media
An illustration of a figure riding a horse across an empty city. The outlines of the buildings are simple colored lines against a deep red background. The figure is dressed in a blue suit and is holding a violin. An image meant to accompany Igor Stravinsk + Enlarge
Stravinsky 2019 Mixed Media

Michelle Cuevas illustrates and designs for young viewers with a focus on the emotive. Never underestimating the power of intuition, first experiences, and captive moments, her work aims to create stories that are simultaneously real and imagined, and the idea of growing up is both an adventure and a feeling. 

Illustration (BFA) Students