Nike, the main character, is shown looking out into the far right. She holds a shining sword. Her wings and dress is blown by the wind. Clouds are shown in the background. + Enlarge
Key Image 2021 Digital
Lineup of three characters that vary in age. On the far left is a middle age man who has large dark wings and showcases fire powers. In the middle is a teenage girl who has smaller white wings. She carries a sword and does a confident pose. Lastly, on the + Enlarge
Character Lineup 2021 Digital
Nike, the main character, strikes a confident pose and holds a sword. She is a angel with large white wings. A frontal and backside is shown of the character for design purposes. Hair options and wing size is also shown. + Enlarge
Nike Concept Sheet 2021 Digital
On the far left, Nike is shown with damaged wings. She is falling from the sky. On the top right, Nike is sitting on top of a tree branch. She looks down at a young boy who is playing with his dog. On the bottom right, hair style options are shown of Nike + Enlarge
Nike Concept Sheet 2 2021 Digital
A griffin stands in the middle of the composition. The griffin is a animal hybrid of a lion and an eagle. He is dark brown and gives an intimidating glare. + Enlarge
Griffin Design 2021 Digital
Nike, on the far right, is stopping a large griffin who is flying right towards her. Next to her is a dog, barking at the griffin. Behind the griffin is a young boy, holding his bow and arrow; ready to strike. + Enlarge
Fight Concept Piece 2021 Digital
Two rows are shown, each having five people. On the top row, there are mortals while the lower has angels. The mortals wear cool colors such as blue, green, and yellow. The angels wear warm colors such as pinks, purples, and reds. + Enlarge
Background Characters 2021 Digital

Kari Burcham is a Maryland-based illustrator, character designer, and concept artist. Kari’s never-ending flow of creativity is often inspired by mythology, films, video games, and art history. Her art mainly focuses on character-centric work with an emphasis on worldbuilding and storytelling. Although a lover of all mediums, digital is Kari’s one true love.


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