A photograph of a cacti garden overlaid with three creatures of various shapes, all containing a mask-like face + Enlarge
Cactus Creatures 2019 Photography, ink, and digital
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1m0FIjCH7si94tMrgfm5fUllBia4-OFSK + Enlarge
Meeting Beef the T-Rex 2019 Digital art
A comic page depicting two girls as they search a forest for a pair of pants + Enlarge
Hunting Season Pg 1 (Collaboration with Raya Zimon) 2020 Digital art
A comic page depicting two girls in an abandoned shack.  They are talking about one of many teddy bears hanging from the ceiling. + Enlarge
Hunting Season Pg 5 (Collaboration with Raya Zimon) 2020 Digital art
A comic page depicting one of two characters being surprised by a horrific creature, moments before being flung across the room. + Enlarge
Hunting Season Pg 6 (Collaboration with Raya Zimon) 2020 Digital art
An illustration of a parasaurolophus entering ruins containing Greek columns and otherworldly fungi + Enlarge
Dinosaur Ruins 2019 Ink, watercolor, photoshop
A character design of a blue demon girl in orange clothing with light teal accents.  The design includes a drawing of her relaxing, and a profile image of her face. + Enlarge
Megara GoldenFang 2019 Digital painting
Tenderness by Alexander Welch + Enlarge
Tenderness 2019 Pencil with digital coloring
A comic page depicting a creature venturing through a village which he had previously destroyed, and reflecting upon his actions.  It appears as though he regrets what he did and the people he harmed. + Enlarge
The Slaying of Fafnir Pg 3 2019 Ink on bristol 11" x 17"
A red, pink, and blue pattern containing swords, leaves, and various flowers. + Enlarge
Sword Pattern 2020 Digital art

All my life, I’ve been subject to what one might call a spontaneous sense of wonder. The feeling comes and goes at random, but I have found that it often carries with it many thrilling stories just begging to be told. I became an artist because I wanted a better method to communicate these flickers of imagination, and I haven’t looked back since. My work most often focuses on the myriad of narratives to be woven from the many curiosities of the natural world. I also frequently use bright and unnatural colors to stress the wonderful strangeness of my work and pull the viewer into a universe stuck somewhere between familiarity and the alien. I most frequently use comics to convey stories, though I also enjoy the challenge of conveying an unfamiliar world within a single illustration.