the PARA-Series! Overview. Digital Artwork. 2019
the PARA-Series! Overview 2019 Digital
the PARA-Continuum!
the PARA-Continuum! 2020 Digital
the PARA-Dimensions! Digital Artwork. 2020.
the PARA-Dimensions! 2020 Digital
Zitol 2019
Gray. Digital Artwork. 2020.
Gray 2019 Digital
Samson. Digital Artwork. 2019.
Samson 2019 Digital

My name is Samson Cheng. I was born and raised in Hong Kong, a one-hundred-percent Hong-Kongers. Inspired by graphic novels, fiction, movies, and TV shows, I am interested in telling stories through visual narrative and sequential art. I also do a lot of character design and write fictional stories every now and then.