A poster of a girl puppeteering flies and locking the jackfruits away from other, symbolizing selfishness and power-thirst. + Enlarge
Vices and Virtues: Avarice 2020 Digital
Envy. Digital artwork. 2020. + Enlarge
Vices and Virtues: Envy 2020 Digital
Poster of a person consuming the flaming pomegranate symbolizing a painful yet, an unstoppable sexual desire + Enlarge
Vices and Virtues: Lust 2019 Digital
Poster of a person casting a layer of ice around the pomegranate as fire surrounds the person symbolizing protection and restriction of desire. + Enlarge
Vices and Virtues: Chastity 2019 D
A poster of two girls hugging each other as the lemon tree grows behind them, symbolizing the equal love and care of all things. + Enlarge
Vices and Virtues: Kindness 2020 Digital
A poster of a girl circling and dancing as she gives her love to everyone around her. + Enlarge
Vices and Virtues: Charity 2020 Digital
A poster of a girl floating above the water of appetite, symbolizing restrain and selective consumption + Enlarge
Vices and Virtues: Temperance 2020 Digital
Poster of a girl drowning in the water of uncontrollable appetite with grapes surrounding her. + Enlarge
Vices and Virtues: Gluttony 2020 Digital
A poster of a girl blooming as her beams carelessly pierce through passion fruits and other people + Enlarge
Vices and Virtues: Pride 2020 Digital
A poster of a girl helping the passion fruits float in the air a symbol of giving others the stage to shine + Enlarge
Vices and Virtues: Humility 2020 Digital

Born in Hsinchu, Taiwan, Nadia is a MICA BFA illustration student who is strongly interested in art history and cultural studies. She enjoys creating illustrations inspired by nature and Chinese and/or Japanese traditions, iconographies, and mythologies. She specializes in narrative and lifestyle illustrations and is highly interested in branding, packaging illustrations and designs.