A vampire girl in her roller derby uniform seen from the front, side, and back. + Enlarge
Fairy Godmaulers: Player Turnaround 2020 Digital
90s Apocalypse Siblings + Enlarge
90s Apocalypse Siblings 2019 Digital
A cyborg and human mechanic stand side by side. + Enlarge
Canopy Technicians 2020 Digital
Two pairs of demon football players and cheerleaders stand against a grey background. The left team wears splotchy, black and purple uniforms. Their team is named Null County Voids. The right team wears black and white uniforms, with bright blue flame acc + Enlarge
Demon Football 2019 Digital
A sheet of early explorations and development for character outfits. These include different types of "jocky" casual wear, sports uniforms, and physical features for the demon characters. + Enlarge
Demon Football: Visual Development 2019 Digital
A character in a red hoodie and black track pants stands next to a pointy, shadow person. The person in the red hoodie's face is in shadow, except for one, snakelike eye. + Enlarge
Haunted Duo 2019 Digital
The shadow person expresses themself by morphing their body into different shapes. The person in the red hoodie is kind of nervous. + Enlarge
They Just Wanna Hang Out 2019 Digital
A sheet of character prop designs, including tools, snacks, and random stuff characters would keep in their bags. + Enlarge
Canopy Props 2020 Digital
Loose sketches of monster girl characters. They include an angry wood elf, a cheerful vampire, a smug swamp thing, and a pixie. + Enlarge
Fairy Godmaulers: Character Development 2020 Digital

Hi, I’m Becca! I’m a visual development artist originally from New Jersey. I love telling character-driven stories, especially if there are monsters or robots involved.
I specialize in designing rowdy characters! Action is at the heart of my work, and I try to pack a punch into everything I create.