Two women sitting on the curb of a 7-11 and the text says "Wish U Were Here"
Wish U Were Here 2018 Ink and digital 4 x 6 in
Image of an abandoned Food Court at Landmark Mall, decaying.
Landmark History 2019 Digital and graphite
Landmark Christmas. Digital and graphite
Landmark Christmas 2019 Digital and graphite 8.5 x 11
Landmark Mall is Dead
Landmark Mall Is Dead Cover 2019 Ink and digital 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 in
Comic featuring a character who vomits letters finishing the comic with "I try not to but I talk too much".
Talk Too Much 2020 Ink, watercolor and digital
Image of 3 characters; Robby, looking angrily and pointing at Vanessa who is peeking at the Bat Boy and Robby who are arguing, Bat Boy is not paying attention to Robby.
Skulldesac Scene 2020 Gouache, colored pencil and Digital
2 male characters in the background with fire, a girl in the front surrounded by ribbon with eyeballs on it.
Skulldesac Cover 2019 Ink and digital 8.5 x 11
A comic page depicting a creature venturing through a village which he had previously destroyed, and reflecting upon his actions.  It appears as though he regrets what he did and the people he harmed.
Bat Boy 2020 Digital
A nerdy looking young boy with green glasses in a confident pose.
Robby 2020 Digital
Character design of a young girl, about 12 with long blue hair and a red dress.
Vanessa Cromwell 2020 Digital

I'm an illustrator and character designer with a focus on nostalgia in my work. I draw a lot of inspiration from cartoons and animation in general.