The Princess + Enlarge
The Princess 2019 Ink & watercolor 9 x 12
A figure stands at a stake, engulfed in flame. His vestments of green and lace are singed at the edges, and the fire licks at his hair like a crown. His right eye is already changed translucent and gray by the fire, and the skin of his arms is burned bril + Enlarge
Burning 2020 Ink & watercolor 9 x 12
A woman floats underwater, surrounded by waving weeds and her face covered by her own billowing hair. Her skin is gray and her mouth is open. The diaphanous fabric of her dress reflects the light from the surface, and the beaded chains extending from it a + Enlarge
Drowned 2020 Ink & watercolor 9 x 12
A woman kneels upon a decoratively tiled floor, holding up a golden plate, upon which rests a pair of eyes (her own). Her hair is tied back in an elaborate braid with pearl pins, and she wears a shining red dress and white gloves with dangling beads. Her + Enlarge
Offering 2020 Ink & watercolor 9 x 12
A figure in a fine dress kneels with a second figure holding a knife to her throat in the second before her skin is cut. Her executioner holds her braided hair delicately away from her neck as they press the knife to her. She wears an expression of anguis + Enlarge
Bloodletting 2020 Ink 9 x 12
A figure wearing an elaborately frilled headdress holds a pair of surgical forceps, upon which their flayed face is stretched across, completely slack and expressionless. Their expression is serene, the intricate muscles of their face completely visible. + Enlarge
Flayed 2020 Ink 9 " x 12"
A young man stands on rocks, surrounded by crashing green waves.He holds a sea monster's head, tied in a bundle, in one hand. His clothes are not fine, and his hand is bandaged, but his sword belies his comfort with fighting. He wears a golden ring upon a + Enlarge
The Fisherman's Son 2019 Ink & watercolor 9 x 12
A mermaid floats underwater, amidst a school of shimmering fish. + Enlarge
The Sea Maiden 2019 Ink & watercolor 9 x 12

Bella Suarez is a watercolor illustrator with an eye for intense detail and a pervasive curiosity towards the morbid. In her work, she enjoys exploring the dichotomy of the beautiful and the horrifying, and the ways in which the two intertwine. She studied illustration at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and tries to continue being a student of art & her other passions, such as film. Horror illustration is a special interest of Bella’s, with a great deal of her work’s influence coming from film and comics on the dark and disturbing. She likes pretty things, too, though, and fashion illustration/fashion design and classic shojo art are also large influences upon her work. She wants to make things that are beautiful, but also things that will scare you.