The following illustration is a logo for a monster based playable visual novel + Enlarge
Blood Fellows 2020 Digital
The following illustration is a lineup of character for a future game titled Blood Fellows + Enlarge
Vampiric Guests 2020 Digital
This Illustration shows a gaudy bedroom inspired by Rococo and Victorian Architecture + Enlarge
Vampiric Bedroom Interior 2020 Digital
This digital illustration shows a view of an enchanted forest during the day. A elk stares at the viewer from the right corner + Enlarge
View of the Forest: Day 2020 Digital
This illustration is a follow up to View of the Forest: Day. A wolf watches from in between the trees. + Enlarge
View of the Forest: Night 2020 Digital

Maria Avalos is a Mexican American Illustrator with a strong love of anime and mid-century cartoonssuch as The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and Courage the Cowardly Dog. She has an interest in visual development and concept art. Her influences include artists such as Ayami Kojima, the original artist for the castlevania series, Kazuka Kaneko, and Maxwell Atoms. Through her art, Maria often explores themes of fantasy, horror, and overall escapism.