Yellow banner, featuring four characters off to the right side. The character are overlaying each other, on top is a young red haired girl, behind her, twins in purple, and behind them an individual covered in black feathers. The feathers flow to the left
The Green House Key Image 2020 Digital
Turnaround featuring young red haired girl. Shows front of character in color, then side view, back view, 3/4 view with only lines. Four facial emotions shown, sticking out her tongue angrily, crying in frustration, shocked with mouth wide open, and laugh
The Green House Character Turnaround 2020 Digital
An assortment of items. Top row left to right, a purple teapot and cup with gold accents, and two tied up bundles of hanging leaves. Middle row left to right, a mortar and pestle with herbs inside giving off some sparkles, a glass potion bottle with shimm
The Green House Props 2020 Digital
A line up of four characters, from left to right, a short elderly woman in purple with a long scarf and cane and jewelry, a young red haired girl in green overalls posing confidently, an adult woman holding a potted plant in a baggy jacket and apron, and
The Green House Characters 2020 Digital
Greyscale image of the inside of a cluttered green house room. There are cabinets in back with doors swung open, and the top filled with an assortment of equipment and plants. There is a bookshelf with books and plants hanging off of it, along with birds
The Green House Interior 2020 Digital

Skylar Stine is an illustrator who specializes in character design, concept art, and visual development. She has a passion for fantasy, nature, and fashion. She loves creating character driven stories and building new worlds.