The word "Victorian" made out of several architectural details of Victorian 'Painted Lady' style houses. Colored in a soft pink with black linework. + Enlarge
Victorian 2019 Ink, digital
Comic page reading, "about a month ago I decided to make some masks. At that point it was more for practice than practicality" Art is rendered in shades of blue and shows an ironing board with several sewing and fabric related items in two loose + Enlarge
Corona Comic Page 2020 Digital
The quote, "Every Puzzle has an answer! - Prof. Layton" hand lettered with the words forming the shape of a top hat. Text is in varying shades of brown with the background in a darker brown. + Enlarge
Every Puzzle Has An Answer 2019 Digital
A quote from Jim Rohn reading "formal education will make you a living, self education will make you a fortune" Text is in purple except for the attribution which is in orange. The quote situated inside of a white box and framed with a compositi + Enlarge
Formal Education, Self Education 2020 Digital
video with narration titled Fried Rice showing a gif of someone mixing rice using in a pan on a stovetop using chopsticks. + Enlarge
Fried Rice (still) 2020 Video
A quote surrounded by decorative swirls reading, "An Investment in knowledge pays the best dividends    - Benjamin Franklin" The background is a light brown. + Enlarge
An Investment in Knowledge 2020 Tradigital
A line drawing of a cluttered closet done in a purple marker on white paper + Enlarge
Last Call Closet 2020 Marker on paper
A figure sitting in a chair in front of a window surrounded by a couple of plants. + Enlarge
Inside 2020 Digital
Wash Your Hands by Nicole Waltman + Enlarge
Wash Your Hands 2020 Digital
A side view of a black cowboy boot with the words "what in tarnation" written on the ide. The text is drawn in a wild west style. + Enlarge
What in Tarnation 2020 Digital

Nicole Waltman is an illustrator and hand letterer from Lancaster, PA.

She enjoys making work with a narrative focus, often using water-based paints, markers, or working digitally. Some of her favorite sources of inspiration right now are historical fashion, medieval manuscripts, and a great variety of music.